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      1. Anhui Chizhou Sincerity Chemicals Co., Ltd.
            95% diazinon technical materia
            95% Pyridaphenthion technical
            50% Diazinon missible oil
            40% Chlorpyrifos,E.C
            20% pyrdaphenthione EC
            ST-2 single-package cathode el
            ST-3 environmental friendly ty...
            SCT-0301 double component cath
        95% diazinon technical material
        Trade name: Diazinon
        English name: Diazinon (ISO,BSI)
        Properties: Yellow liquid; boiling point: 83-84℃/26.6Pa; vapour pressure: 12MPa(25℃); relative density: 1.11; water solubility: 60mg/L; insoluble in most organic solvents。
        Application range: For prevention of piercing-sucking mouthparts injurious insect and defoliator of most crops, including deciduous fruit tree, citrus, grape, Chinese olive, banana, pineapple, vegetable, potato, sugarbeet, sugarcane, coffee, cocoa and tea tree
        Main prevention objects: Chilo suppressalis, tryporyza incertulas, naranga aenescens moore, rice thrips